Anthony's T-Shirts

Ever wondered about Anthony's T-Shirts in our commercials? Read below to learn why!


This T-Shirt is all about giving. I am a big believer in giving to any place you deem that is worthy. Personally I support St. Jude and the salvation Army. In that vein, you do you along with whatever works for you. This was a November commercial so I went with food pantry donations. 


Angel Emoji

As you can see I went with an angel emoji to kind of be good this time. Being that the last commercial was a bit edgy with the political statement. It's all good as I like to be a little thought provoking and certainly on the light side of the conversation.

J.B. would tax taxes

This is obviously my most daring try at political humor. I imagine it all depends on what side you are on to whether you think it is funny or not. I would never discuss politics on TV nor try to sway votes as that isn't my job. I did receive 6-7 emails and Facebook posts asking me to refrain from being political, but to my amazement I received about 15 of the same communications, including a postcard, all saying it was funny. I don't take myself seriously about being political so if you did that is not what was intended. 


Life coaching podcast

I got asked to start a life coaching podcast and the name is Winning is my religion. I am very interested in helping anyone reach their full potential. I hope you'll give it a listen and let me know what you think. 

Greatest Superpower ever!

This was just a joke and a little jab to the other dealers. I like offending them the most. We are all very friendly to each other and I'm known for pushing the boundaries, so this was a fun shirt to wear.


You can't tax yourself to a profit

My first attempt at humor through politics. I know everyone says never mix them, but seriously. This shirt was right around tax time and it got some pretty good reviews

Fix the Roads

The idea for this T-shirt came to me as my fillings were being beat out of my teeth by the roads trying to get to work. I received a lot of accolades on this one, although City Hall probably didn't appreciate it. 


Paul Sherman for President

This is the very first time I wore a shirt with a message on it and I just thought it was funny to do. I am friends with Paul, so to his surprise, the first time he found out about it was when it was aired. He is such a good guy that he called me laughing about it.